Suggested Readings - Historical Highlights

Following is a reference guide to historical highlights in the Bible. Using your daily Bible time to read the following chapters and verses will provide you with an overall grasp of key Bible stories. In addition, if you are searching the Bible to find a historical event, this listing of verses can serve as a helpful reference to the major historical events in the Bible.

Great Themes of Scripture Reference
The Creation Genesis 1 and 2
The Fall of Man Genesis 3
The Flood of Noah Genesis 6-9
The Call of Abraham Genesis 12:1-9
Deliverance of Israel from Egypt Exodus 11-14
Dedication of the Temple 2 Chronicles 5-7
The Babylonian Captivity of Israel 2 Chronicles 36
Revival of Israel after Captivity Nehemiah 8 and 9
Promises of the Coming Messiah Isaiah 9:2-7, Psalm 22, Isaiah 53
The Birth of Christ Matthew 1:18-2:23, Luke 1:26 - 2:40
The Triumphal Entry Luke 19:28-44
The Last Supper Mark 14:12-26
The Garden of Gethsemane Matthew 26:36-46
The Betrayal of Jesus Matthew 26:47-56
The Arrest and Trial of Jesus John 18:12 - 19:16
The Death of Christ Luke 23:26-56, John 19:16-42
The Resurrection of Christ Luke 24, John 20
The Ascension of Christ Acts 1:1-12
The Coming of The Holy Spirit Acts 2:1-21
The Conversion of Paul Acts 9:1-31
The Heroes of Faith Hebrews 11

Our Patient Merciful God
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